Somerby Festival of Walking 2024

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The 2024 Somerby Festival of Walking will take place between Friday 17th May and Sunday 19th May offering a variety of free-of-charge walks of various lengths from 3 to 15 miles. 

Somerby is a small rural village in High Leicestershire, an area of rolling hills and quiet valleys set with small picturesque villages and farms.  It is a quiet rural area with an extensive network of country lanes, tracks, footpaths and bridleways and panoramic views across open countryside from Burrough Hill iron-age hill fort.

The guided walks we are offering this year during the Somerby Festival of Walking  17th to 19th May 2024 are set out below.

There are 10 beautiful guided walks across the festival which are detailed and can be booked here.

Friday 17th May

Walk 1 Somerby – Burrough Court Circuit

Walk 2 Somerby – Knossington Circuit

Walk 3 Somerby – Owston Circuit

Saturday 20th May

Walk 4 Somerby – Thorpe Satchville Circuit

Walk 5 **The Tenth Battalion Trail** 

Walk 6 Somerby – Viaduct – Burrough Circuit

Walk 7 Somerby – Burrough on the Hill Circuit

Sunday 21st May

Walk 8 Somerby – Launde Abbey Circuit

Walk 9 Somerby – Somerby – Pickwell Circuit

Walk 10 Somerby – Burrough Hill Fort Circuit

Walk 11 Somerby History Amble

Somerby Festival of Walking will be based at Somerby Memorial Hall, High Street, Somerby LE14 2QB.

Please note that they can not guarantee that you will be able to join a walk without prior booking.

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