Good Friday Twinlakes Family Rave

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Look no further than Twinlakes Family Rave – the ultimate blend of fun and beats! Enjoy two fantastic sessions each day allowing you to groove to the rhythm whenever it suits your family – and guess what? It’s absolutely FREE for everyone! Get your kids dance-ready and gear up for a memorable time as you move to the electrifying tunes of DJ Groovemaster! Our family-friendly RAVE will showcase dazzling lights, a fog machine, and special effects, ensuring an experience that will leave you all buzzing with excitement and joy!

Twinlakes Good Friday Family Rave is the ultimate destination for a lively celebration, providing family-friendly entertainment for everyone to enjoy! Join us now for a fantastic party experience. Dance through our vibrant atmosphere filled with excitement, great music, and lively vibes! So, bring your loved ones and get ready to create wonderful memories at Twinlakes Family Rave!

12:30 & 15:00
1 hour duration per rave

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